What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail to

…Live Healthy And Strong For A Very Long Time?

…Fulfill Your Biggest Dream?

Sounds like a stretch? Let’s test it out.

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Simone Claridge and Team

Life Extension Project #1: Longevity Naturally

Attention: This is of importance for you and anyone who feels less than completely happy, full of energy, healthy and strong, determined, clear, purposeful.

We’ve got the power…to do ANYTHING!!!

(But you wouldn’t be on this page, if you would LIVE it fully.)

This is an quest to map essentials for true healing to play big.


You are invited to experiment with me together. Some questions may arise in the beginning:

  • How do we know what works?
  • Where and when to get started?
  • What is needed to experience a long fulfilled life of quality?


Laws of physics have demonstrated that matter and energy are interchangeable and that matter is simply another form of energy…the human body is build and sustained by energy/energetic fields.

According to modern physics, energetic fields are ore fundamental than matter. Those fields can’t be explained in terms of matter…matter can be explained in terms of energy within the fields.

If people don’t heal…there are more energetic realms to look at that are not tangible.

But what is different?

Western Medicine gains their information by studying the dead.

Explore yourselves while alive in your body. You will feel and witness reactions and changes occurring. Nobody can argue with what you know works for you. All ingredients for your personal healing “magic sauce” can be laid out. Then, step by step, your fitness and skill levels can be trained for the optimized circumstances to occur.

Where to begin your self discovery towards a better YOU?

My best recommendation:  Food

Whatever you eat, drink, and put on your skin has an impact on your health. How does food impact your level of energy and well being?

Food is the most touchy subjects for the majority of people and holds the best opportunities. Why?

  • You are in complete control of your food consumption.
  • You will experience and feel the impacting results of your choices -first hand.


Let’s do this together.

We are conducting a survey to gather information what people are consciously choosing in order to boost the level of energy and how do they prepare to keep up a higher level of energy for a challenge.

The results of the survey are basis to present a signature blueprint plan that helps to tailor food to each individual so we can stay fit and healthy until our last breath and contribute actively to our families, friends and communities.

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Love and Light to YOU.