What Personal Service Would Support You Best…

Health Coaching

  • “I’m in pain, I’m fatigued, and wish to feel better fast.”
  • “I’m an athlete and love to compete and want to physically improve through lifestyle changes”
  • “I have a chronic condition. Nothing has helped so far to really heal the issues and I don’t want to live on drugs, therapies, machines…for the rest of my life.”
  • “I need a diet that fits my life and works for me in the long run.”
  • “I feel always in a hurry which stresses me out. I feel depleted and slowly lose hope of feeling well. I want to eat for better health for me. and my family”
  • I am healthy but feel more drained  while taking care of someone else (parents, professionals)
  • I’m a mother and want to grow healthy strong kids.
  • Life Coaching

  • “I got stuck and want to move on, but don’t know where to start. Nothing has worked for me”
  • “My life sucks. I don’t want to live that way”
  • “Everyone else seems to get what they want…BUT me.”
  • “I received a devastating medical diagnosis. Nothing has helped so far and I feel I run out of time to safe my…hips, knees, shoulder, liver, kidney, leg,…life.”
  • “I have been abused or experienced a trauma. All therapy, methods, medical attention has not solve how I really feel inside”
  • “I feel drained, tired, exhausted and I’m afraid that my health is not keeping up, but I can’t stay with any change long enough to see results.”
  • I’m care taking of someone else and I’m constantly feeling drained and keep up with the requirements.”
  • I Want Life Coaching