“I Feel Stuck. My Life Sucks. I Can’t Go On Pretending Or Living A Life I Don’t Want.

In a state of resistance we can't be free. Hidden resistances are opposing forces to anything you (consciously) want.
Shift attention from THINKING to FEELING and drop the importance of a certain way or outcome.
Playfully experiment and test ideas, believes, concepts and discover what works for you.


Repeat what works for you. Then practice and apply without interruption for a period of time.

Resistance are often hidden in our subconsciousness and influence your decisions must faster then we can think. Meet resistance within with curiosity. Soon you might realize...there aren't enemies working against.

Focus on making a move into the issue.Then keep moving. Take achievable steps that accept and learn how to get every part of you on board pulling into the same direction.

Allow yourself to be as vulnerable witnessing all the blocks that keep you away from being a more expanded version of YOU.

By universal law: "As above so below. The universe is always expanding". Be brave and simply take one action steps now and move on.

I do what I do because…

I Went Through Hell Only To Find Out It Was An Illusion…And Then I Found Love Instead.

Now I feel peaceful, free, powerful inside and can support others.

Personal Life Coaching Includes...

Direct And Personal Work With Simone

  • Weekly alignment sessions –
    1) Shining light on blocks that aren’t in alignment with the individual’s Highest Good.
    2) Resolve blocks and educate how to do it on their own which can empower a person’s natural ability and allows them to feel their personal strength and value.
    Note: By default a person is healthy and extremely powerful. Anything that is in the way of realizing a person’s power has been trained and can be seen as second coat  or “Add-On” that can be removed. As a result a person can experience healing knowing how to do it.
  • Direct phone line for personal support
  • Including next action steps to strengthening new expansion and realizations

Simone was liberated from within while exposed to abusive childhood situations and experienced several sudden healings early on in life. Her whole life was determined to know how to get back into that state of indescribable power or absolute bliss without limitations or concepts. She is now able to guide others into experiencing their own true nature empowering their Highest Potential.)


However the real shift came as I was driving home. As I was driving I had a sudden insight that, in a specific way, I had been carrying a great and unnecessary burden in my life and that it was alright to put that down and that the current phase of my life could (and should) legitimately be about tending to my inner spiritual life in new way.

Alex ArisPortland, OR - son of 1991 Nobel Peace Price winner - Aung San Suu Kyi

CLICK! Information to understanding: My Taking-In process is usually under 24 hours for me. Everything clicked; and I practiced the shifting phrases. Exactly when known sensations were felt. Felt incredibly peaceful and serene in doing so. I'm used to being 'energy' and not a corporal body. So, feeling EVERYTHING has been high priority. Thank you. That is BIG. And so helpful before seeing 800 high school choir students and their nervous director's sharing ART. LOVE.

Georgina Ph. Vancouver, WA

Herzlichen Dank fuer deine Unterstuetzung und Hilfe auf dem Weg zu mir. Deine Behandlungen haben diesen Prozess hervorragend in Gang gesetzt und angeregt.

Thank you very much for your support and help on my path to my Self. Your sessions have been phenomenal starting and improving this process.

Jana GentzschelLeipzig, Sachsen Germany

Simone has been a real asset in my daily life. Due to a family tragedy her therapy work has helped me cope this past year without medication. It is very liberating to take control of ailments with the power of your own mind and body. Having her positive energy in my life has impacted me so greatly I can't imagine what I did before her.

Brandy ShropePortland, OR