Get Your Personalized Tailored Health Plan

Assess and understand the physical body’s signs and language

Your personalised plan is tailored to you specifically; action steps are suggested and monitored to align you with the desired outcome (its not a linear process):

e.g. Iris Analysis, health questionnaires, and other natural non-invasive tests can be parts of the Health Evaluation

Method: TBY-GEMBA-Health Walk (TBY=True Better You)

  1. Gather and Measure
  2. Evaluate and Value
  3. My Challenge
  4. Boost and Expand
  5. Applaud and Celebrate


Then do it again…

Iris Analysis

The iris reflects specific organs and systems of the body. Generational unhealthy behaviors and patterns are more likely to weaken the physical structure of the fibers and pigmentations in the corresponding area of the iris.

These genetic markings and patterns of health conditions run at least 4 generations in a person’s family history.

Based on the Iris Analysis, together we can open up a discussion by asking better questions about one’s current health. It’s much better to prevent health issues than dealing with symptoms that decrease mobility, vitality, and potential.

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Individualized Diet Recommendation

A person’s health is strongly influenced by what a person eats, drinks, places on their skin, thinks and feels…Diet choices are YOURS. (consciously or unconsciously).

I am aware that dietary changes and their integration into daily life can be challenging for some people, therefore will discuss with the person a more playful and fun approach to really stick to the changes willingly. As soon the health changes are recognized by the cells a new health default of the body is set.

My diet suggestions are geared to unblock and transform obstacles increasing the body’s natural life force energy flow. An increased energy flow can be experienced as more vitality, clarity, ease, strength.

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Herbal Protocol

In order to boost a person’s effort to improve health or personal potentials a tailored herbal protocol is suggested for a limited time frame until the body’s natural functions work on a healthier level.

Herbs can dramatically jump-start the elimination process of body and metabolic wastes in the body and toxins helping to detox the great elimination system of our body – especially the lymphatic system and kidneys.

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Individualized Practice Recommendation

Physical exercises and practices are tailored to support the body to balance naturally. The recommendations are intended to get the person started to open up stagnations, blockages and accumulations of waste and toxins and nurture areas that have cut off from circulation.

The main focus is the reduction and transformation of pain, stiffness, weaknesses of the body systems and organs as well as brain fog.

While flexibility, breathing, meditation practices are recommended to increase the awareness of personal control and power and decrease internal stress levels.

My personal favorite qigong practice is Zhineng Qigong. Check it out by clicking the button below.

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Energetic Medicine Practices

Western medicine places attention and high priority on dead material and autopsies while ancient Eastern medicine approaches health from an energetic standpoint: practitioners of energetic medicine study the living things, living pools and rivers, currents of life-force energy that can only be found in the living body.

They focus on all aspects of life including the physical, emotional, mental, and energetic aspects. Energetic anatomy includes the physical form as tangible tissues and also includes the intangible as vital energy and energy fields that affect and govern the body as well as the fields of the universe and the earth influencing us.

Specific practices are geared to align all of your dimensions for an uninterrupted flow of Source energy expressing itself and working through you.

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Herzlichen Dank fuer deine Unterstuetzung und Hilfe auf dem Weg zu mir. Deine Behandlungen haben diesen Prozess hervorragend in Gang gesetzt und angeregt.

Thank you very much for your support and help on my path to my Self. Your sessions have been phenomenal starting and improving this process.

Jana GentzschelLeipzig, Sachsen Germany

Information to understanding: My Taking-In process is usually under 24 hours for me. Everything clicked; and I practiced the shifting phrases. Exactly when known sensations were felt. Felt incredibly peaceful and serene in doing so. I'm used to being 'energy' and not a corporal body. So, feeling EVERYTHING has been high priority. Thank you. That is BIG. And so helpful before seeing 800 high school choir students and their nervous director's sharing ART. LOVE.

Georgina Ph.Vancouver, WA

However the real shift came as I was driving home. As I was driving I had a sudden insight that, in a specific way, I had been carrying a great and unnecessary burden in my life and that it was alright to put that down and that the current phase of my life could (and should) legitimately be about tending to my inner spiritual life in new way.

Alex ArisPortland, OR - son of 1991 Nobel Peace Price winner - Aung San Suu Kyi

Simone has been a real asset in my daily life. Due to a family tragedy her therapy work has helped me cope this past year without medication. It is very liberating to take control of ailments with the power of your own mind and body. Having her positive energy in my life has impacted me so greatly I can't imagine what I did before her.

Brandy ShropePortland, OR