Get Your Personalized Tailored Health Plan

Assess and understand the physical body’s signs and language

Your personalised plan is tailored to you specifically; action steps are suggested and monitored to align you with the desired outcome (its not a linear process):

e.g. Iris Analysis, health questionnaires, and other natural non-invasive tests can be parts of the Health Evaluation

Method: TBY-GEMBA-Health Walk (TBY=True Better You)

  1. Gather and Measure
  2. Evaluate and Value
  3. My Challenge
  4. Boost and Expand
  5. Applaud and Celebrate


Then do it again…

Iris Analysis

  • Each generation faces their social and family challenges which influences the individual overall health.
  • Poor lifestyle choices of our parents and grandparents weakened tissues, organs, body systems resulting in less resilience and strength for the next generation
  • Markings and structural pattern show up  in the corresponding iris areas or in the sclera, the white of the eyes 
  • These genetic markings and patterns of health conditions run at least 4 generations in a person’s family history
  • Based on the Iris Analysis It is possible to correct potentials for health conditions

Individualized Diet Recommendation

  • Your health is strongly influenced by what you eat, drink, put on your skin, think and feel…
  • To gain back personal power an individual needs to become aware which of their daily food choices are contributing to health and causing an deposit on your energy and well being account and which food choices actually contributing to an energy loss or energy withdrawal.
  • Based on the findings of the iris analysis a food recommendation is given that is more playful and fun. As soon as health changes are recognized by the cells a new health and energy level can be felt for long-term.
  • Diet recommendations are ONLY given in conjunction with an iris analysis. Check it out by clicking the link below

Herbal Protocol

  • Herbs work like jump-starter igniting the healing processes that are necessary to balance the body’s systems, tissues, and even on the cellular level back to a healthy state
  • With the use of herbal protocols all four processes of proper digestion, which includes digestion, absorption, utilization, and elimination are supported so that the body can come back to normal function on its own
  • In order to boost a person’s effort to experience the health level that they are looking for or even better and beyond what they can imagine possible a tailored herbal protocol is suggested for a limited time to support the body’s natural healing abilities and return the cells back to health

Individualized Practice Recommendation

  • Physical exercises and practices are tailored to support the body to balance naturally
  • The recommendations are intended to get the person started to open up stagnations, blockages and accumulations of waste and toxins and nurture areas that have cut off from circulation
  • Practices such as flexibility, breathing, meditation practices are intended to reduce and transform blocks that cause pain, stiffness, weaknesses of the body systems and organs as well as brain fog
  • My personal favorite is Zhineng Qigong (pronounced zzz-neng-chee-gong) Check it out by clicking the button below.

Energetic Medicine Protocols

  • Western medicine places attention and high priority on dead material and autopsies while ancient Eastern medicine approaches health from an energetic standpoint: practitioners of energetic medicine study the living things, living pools and rivers, currents of life-force energy that can only be found in the living body.
  • Very practically and powerfully we are focusing on making you whole again
  • Everything is energy, everything is moving and changing all the time
  • Fields of energy interact with each other within the tangible physical matter and the intangible energies such as vital energy, energy fields, and alike that affect and govern the body as well as the fields of the universe and the earth influencing our life

“Simone has been very wonderful to work with, she is someone who genuinely cares about you and your well being. I love her passion, positivity and calm approach to the way she approaches healing. I felt so comfortable with Simone, she provided thorough insight into my condition and her suggestions really helped me stay calm and rational. I’ve learnt so much from this lady who helped me through challenging times with her unconditional love and focus on energy as a means of healing. I would highly recommend working with her!”

Kirna ParekhUnited Kingdom

Die Augenanalyse war für mich eine komplett neue Herangehensweise. Ich wusste nicht, dass man in den Augen so vieles sehen kann. Es hat mir gezeigt, dass meine Lebensweise vieles in meinem Körper beeinflusst (langfristig). Und dass alle Vorgänge im Körper miteinander zusammenhängen. Ich konnte dadurch erkennen, dass gesundheitliche Probleme oft eine Ursache an anderer Stelle im Körper haben. Noch mehr als zuvor ist mir klar geworden, dass Ernährung alles ist - man ist, was man isst - im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes. Ich ernähre mich jetzt noch bewusster als ich es vorher eh schon getan habe und mit noch mehr Genuss.

The iris analysis was a completely new way to look at. I didn’t know how much information are stored with the eyes. It also showed me how much lifestyle choices affecting my body (long-term). And that all processes within the body are connected. I could recognise that the origin of my health issues are often found on a different location in my body. More than ever before I realize that everything is connected to the food intake. One is what one eats…in a real sense. I am paying now more attention to proper food intake and nutrition, even more than before.

Liebe Grüße - Many regards

LeaLeipzig, Saxonia, Germany

I have struggled with issue of chronic fatigue and myalgia since I was about 27 year old. The height of my illness was about 5-6 years ago when I was practically bed ridden.

My home was a mess, I was tired all the time, and even though I have exercised all my life and thought I ate relatively well, I was getting sicker and sicker.
Not only was my energy levels sneakily getting better over time, but I was starting to experience ‘life’s abundance’…I was experiencing a breakthrough from a cycling that all my alternative and traditional medical readings could not break me free from.

Within in two months, I was working full time and buying the home of my dreams (which ‘magically’ presented itself after a year of looking around).
The journey has been short thus far, but I look forward to continuing to learn from a really amazing person. She has the gift to heal and I am so happy to have Simone in my life!

BeckyVancouver, WA

During a period of great depression, anxiety, and general uncertainty, a mutual friend suggested that I give Simone Shipp and Medical Qigong a try as an adjunct to traditional psychiatry, medications, and counseling.

Through our weekly phone conversations, homework, and exercises I learned some empowering, practical skills that I could use to affect the symptoms of depression and anxiety. My favorite exercise is to smile into the mirror for three minutes three times per day. On my darkest days when a smile seemed a thousand miles away this exercise reminded me that I was capable of smiling and in control of lifting my mood.

With Simone’s help I overcame unemployment, my significant other possibly leaving me, unstable mental health. Now I am happily employed, my significant other is still with me because of the positive, lasting changes I have made, and I have began to enjoy again my passions: spending time with my family, fine art painting, hiking, fishing, my spiritual practice, and daily exercise.

Thank you Simone and Qigong!


Wow. I had no idea my physical and emotional health had gotten that bad – unrelenting headaches, chronic fatigue, fragile emotions, depression and a belief that I just couldn’t do one more thing, I realized I had to stop avoiding help and take the steps to heal myself.

Simone is a old-world professional practitioner trained by real, old-world masters. During our time together, she repeatedly caused energetic shifts in me that were just as noticeable as hearing my cell phone ringing. In other words, very real and observable effects. I continued doing the practices prescribed by Simone for months and am now considering going to study this form in China.

Working with Simone is the epitome of holistic; physical, mental and emotional healing that is measurable and maintainable. I am deeply grateful for having the honor of learning from her, and know that anyone who chooses to meet with her will feel the same.

JenniferPortland, OR

It was fascinating to learn from Simone what my eyes revealed about my health. Most of what she revealed to me was a surprise. I consider myself a very healthy person but as I learned what my eyes showed it made perfect sense. I want to be proactive with my health and don't like taking medications. I appreciated that the suggestions Simone had for me were all natural herbs. I'm excited to include these herbs into my daily regimen and reap the benefits.

Thanks Simone!

Michelle O'NeilVancouver, WA