Get Physically and Spiritually Fit
With Zhineng Qigong

Do you remember a time in your entire life when you knew everything is possible?

You hopefully remember a time when you…

had unlimited energy, time and money
felt safe and supported
had an abundant drive and your body felt light like a feather
couldn’t wait to get out of bed to get into a new playful adventure
knew what to do because you had an internal knowing and an overall direction.

What would you do if you knew you had it ALL AGAIN?

vibrant health
the secret mojo
a simple knowing of truth
unlimited abundance of energy

We are energetic multi-dimensional beings having an experience in a body.

All health issues are a RESULT reflecting energetic or electromagnetic field misalignments due to stress and traumatic experiences.

In stressful situations we are often not able to run away or fight effectively in to bring a healthy solution to situations . . . yet consciousness can fracture to bring solution to a unresolved issue. That is causing splits of presence and appears as a reduction in flow of life force energy (= Qi pronounced…chee) . . . forming symptoms, lesser wellbeing ,and lesser energy.

Qigong is a way to use your focus attention to bring back conscious parts of you. That requires to become more present in the moment with your body and mind. That is the portal to find the elixir of life…pure consciousness.

The promise of connecting with this presence is:

” Whatever is created that is now blocking your well being and mental, emotional, physical health can be un-created by conscious presence or pure consciousness.”

Because our mental awareness, emotions and physical body are tightly interwoven with each other we can use our mental capacities, feelings and emotions, sensations and symptoms as pointers or wormholes to get into other layers towards the origin of the misalignment and allow the Divine Power to bring proper order back to you.

Qigong is the way to listening and knowing what is innate and true to you.

Zhineng Qigong consists of four essential parts:

  1. Knowing yourself or believing into your own abilities
  2. Organization of a unified Qi field
  3. Focus healing towards yourself and others
  4. Practice

Zhineng Qigong is a whole system of practice methods
allowing personal growth for Highest Potential  

Practicing Zhineng Qigong can open up your paranormal abilities very quickly.

Even though it is possible to completely transform yourself by practicing Level 1, the most people going through this step by step system
that Grandmaster Pang Ming designed to bring each person to the outlined results.

Each level is designed to grow energy quickly in order to open blockages keeping the energy pathways open.
The mastery of each level helps to activate a free flow of energy in the body which goes deeper into the layers of the body towards the body center.

Levels Of Zhineng Qigong

Level 1

Lift Qi Up And Pour Qi Down  – Peng Qi Guan Ding Fa

Attention: External energy is attracted into the outer layers of the body. Collects and converts the primordial Qi into bodily Qi. It improves quality (frequency) and quantity (pressure) of our bodily Qi.

Additional Practices:
Chen Qi
La Qi
Three Centers Merge
Wall Squats

Level 2

Body And Mind Method – Xing Shen Zhuang

Attention: Internal stage where body and mind are integrate. Practicing this form helps to clear up Qi in circulatory pathways such as blood vessels, channels and collateral of the body. Energy travels deeper into the energy channels of the body (meridian system) opening up blocked pathways.

Additional Practices:
Tapping along the meridian channels (to disperse Qi along the channels) – Xun Jing Dao Yin Fa

Level 3

Five Organs Method – Wu Yuan Zhuang

Attention: Internal stage where internal organs are integrated. Brings energy to the organ systems and create an uninterrupted energy flow deep into the body and its systems. Internal organ Qi is aroused through sounds, body movements and focused mind attention to open and close as well as to gather and disperse. The idea is to strengthen the connection and transform between bodily Qi and internal organ Qi.

At the Zhineng Qigong Center in China the following results have been documented:

More than 200,000 patients
Worked with over 180 listed diseases
Overall healing or health improvement rate of 95%

What Do You Get?

  • This program teaches Zhineng Qigong Level 1 known as Lift Qi Up and Pour Qi Down and it is very practical.
  • 6 Modules are dedicated for you to learn the complete practice set with all the movements as well as explanations and educational material for better understanding. Even though the movements seem to be very simple they need to be applied correctly in order to bring the results you are looking for.
  • Qigong practices ALL include an mental activity. Although we will use consciousness to actively focus on the movements, you will not need to become absolutely quiet in your mind nor will you need to focus on one special place or task such as circling along certain channels or watching and visualizing things inside or outside of  your physical body.
  • You’ll learn the correct movements quickly. Yet in order to experience the power of the mind and the flow of energy you’ll also learn how to focus the mind correctly while practicing.
  • In order to focus the mind on the movements it helps a lot to know the practice. The sequence of the Lift Qi Up & Pour Qi Down might be not so obvious when watching the demo video above, but knowing this sequence surely helps tremendously to memorize the practice by heart.

When practiced regularly you can kiss sickness goodbye.
(Note: I personally hadn’t any cold since 30 years old.)

“Consciousness is the HEALER directing Qi to flow uninterrupted within the body and everything that exists. “

Watch the demonstration