Recordings - Dissolve Cancer With Pure Consciousness

How can someone become deeply healthy if you make him/her believe that you only have to remove the sick part by treating the unhealthy part with drugs, cutting it out, treating it with chemical substances, or irradiating it…? This may bring relaxation for a moment, but how do you heal the heart, the feelings and the unhealthy habits? Without treating and transforming the inner conflicts and thoughts, it will be very difficult to completely dissolve the cancer, the tumor, the ulcer, the growth.

Healing with pure consciousness goes beyond all feelings, thoughts, concepts and emotions. It is a state of pure consciousness that recognizes, observes, understands and directly reflects its own functions.

This course offers methods to be able to heal profoundly. Of course, it is impossible to say how long it will take to restore the healthy state. But one can make a clear decision and change direction to become fully healthy. The course is designed to apply the methods over and over again in 7-day cycles until natural balance and harmony are restored.

My deep respect for your healing journey. If you know someone you care about and love who could benefit from this information, please share it.


  • Discover the root of cancer and heal it
  • Transform the negative information that holds the cancer in place
  • Overcome the fear and release emotional blockages linked with it
  • Learn specific methods of self healing
  • Use these tools ato cocntinue harmonizing and improving your current state of health


  • Teacher Wei has already conducted this 7-day course. He had offered two sessions per day to accommodate the different time zones of the world.
  • The recordings of the course are available in English and also in German translation.

Recordings = $80.