Create Your So-Called "Impossible"

You are at the right place, if you know or believe that you can design the life of your dream, willing to deep dive overhauling and completely transforming the way how you think, feel, act, and perform.

Three not so obvious traps to avoid:

  1. Trying to achieve your Highest goal by moving towards what is wanted at the cost and with the intension to avoid and move away from what is not wanted (moving away from negative towards the positive).
    BETTER: Stop the back and forth motion┬álike banging the head against the wall by running away from pain to feel better. Imagine yourself to live where is nothing that you wish to move away from; your life in a non-resistant state to pain. You are in then in the “center still point” allowing whatever comes towards you and whatever wants to moves away from you. (Don’t get me wrong…it doesn’t mean you are not responding to it.)
  2. Trying to focus on the external or story that keeps you stuck while losing awareness of the internal perception, feelings, emotions and its connected thought pattern.
    BETTER: Focus on the feeling perception and how they are interpreted by you.
  3. Not taking responsibility for your dream and not taking action while waiting for the perfect conditions to act.
    BETTER: People, who call themselves successful, can act and are preparing themselves to jump on immediately when an opportunity arises. What does the external matter if you are rewriting your life? There is nothing you can do wrong, that is a trained perception. Stay focused on your Highest intension, continue to deep dive into the situation and stop running away from your pain.

Prep-Work: Get Very Clear On:

  • What do you imagine you can achieve?
  • Why do want to accomplish it?
  • How would you feel when you are at your Highest Potential, dream, purpose?

How to make effective changes with lasting results?

Step 1

Gather and Measure

Step 2

Evaluate and Value

Step 3

My Challenge

Step 4

Boost and Expand

Step 5

Applaud and Celebrate

Step 6

Repeat! Repeat! Repeat! To Excellence

Step 7

Rest! Catch-Up!

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Herzlichen Dank fuer deine Unterstuetzung und Hilfe auf dem Weg zu mir. Deine Behandlungen haben diesen Prozess hervorragend in Gang gesetzt und angeregt.

Thank you very much for your support and help on my path to my Self. Your sessions have been phenomenal starting and improving this process.

Jana GentzschelLeipzig, Sachsen Germany

Information to understanding: My Taking-In process is usually under 24 hours for me. Everything clicked; and I practiced the shifting phrases. Exactly when known sensations were felt. Felt incredibly peaceful and serene in doing so. I'm used to being 'energy' and not a corporal body. So, feeling EVERYTHING has been high priority. Thank you. That is BIG. And so helpful before seeing 800 high school choir students and their nervous director's sharing ART. LOVE.

Georgina Ph.Vancouver, WA

However the real shift came as I was driving home. As I was driving I had a sudden insight that, in a specific way, I had been carrying a great and unnecessary burden in my life and that it was alright to put that down and that the current phase of my life could (and should) legitimately be about tending to my inner spiritual life in new way.

Alex ArisPortland, OR - son of 1991 Nobel Peace Price winner - Aung San Suu Kyi

Simone has been a real asset in my daily life. Due to a family tragedy her therapy work has helped me cope this past year without medication. It is very liberating to take control of ailments with the power of your own mind and body. Having her positive energy in my life has impacted me so greatly I can't imagine what I did before her.

Brandy ShropePortland, OR