100 Days-Gong-Challenge – Zhineng Qigong

100 Day’s Gong Challenge Ideally: Any Qigong practice when practiced daily with intention has an effect on your body, mind.  Behavioral psychology states: In order to create new habit it can take between 21 and 100 days of consistent daily practice. It takes a change in the mental realm (= e.g to think a healthier thought long enough…) to give…

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Making Yourself A Priority…It’s Time To Listen To Your Body Part 2

Loving red or blue

Simone here… I’m blown away how much Haley was able to take the parts that felt right for her into considerations. As a result she could make the necessary changes to finally feel and perform better…but seriously, I had no idea.  In my world it is important that the people who are working with me are feeling good about themselves…

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