Simone's Story

What you hold as TRUE in your mind and heart you will get.

Focus on transforming into a new YOU and life - the life you truly aspire.

Founder and Owner of True Better You

Simone Claridge

Natural Healing And Consciousness Expert

I work with people who are proactive with their health but are still not getting their desired results.

We will hone in and focus on health and how to create healing on all three levels of our entire existence; this includes the level of your physical body, energetic or qi level, and the level of consciousness.

In a nutshell, as catalyst I support you become your True Better You. 

Some of the methodologies to achieve better health that I may use are the Iris Analysis, Herbal Protocols, Medical Qigong Protocols, physical work-outs, emotional healing, and Zhineng Qigong. 

I hold my teaching degree in biology/chemistry (Germany)

I am also certified as

  • Zhineng Qigong Teacher and Healer taught in China, including the certification by Xi’An Lintong Zhineng Science Research Center China in 2021
  • Master of Medical Qigong, MMQ
  • Iris Analysis Consultant
  • Emotional Healing practitioner