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More Vital Energy And Health


Live Longer – Experience Your Highest Potential

Choose Better Health And More Energy

Set your mind on what you truly want first. What do you imagine or dream is possible? Whatever you can think you can achieve.

Let Go Of The Importance Of The Outcome

Keep Moving And Take Achievable Steps. Any step is great. Sometimes it takes micro tiny baby steps.

Play-Experiment-Test. Find What Works For You.

The body follows its own natural laws of healing and is regulating itself. Get educated what is causing healing and then apply it...keep it balanced and simple.

Repeat What Works For You – Practice!

Become your own healing authority. Don't take ideas or theories for granted. Learn, experiment, test, play, celebrate and share.; confirm what works for you. Build on facts; not on theories or other people's opinions.

Different Approach - Different Results

In my personal experience

Begin to heal the body now by placing your attention on holding on the good you already have.

Become aware what you do, feel, think, hold on to and belief.  Everything that exists originates in your spiritual nature – YOU – directing your thinking, your feelings, your actions.

I begin to look into iris of your eyes and find the truth that your body speaks. Than I suggest adjustments to your food to heal because everybody:

  • is eating and drinking to sustain life (there are exceptions)
  • is deeply engaged with food and can feel its ties in our society
  • is in full control what enters their system (consciously or unconsciously) and can ignite any change freely if or whenever they want
  • has an individual understanding what food works for them
  • will feel and observe personal strength and limitations very fast when making food changes
  • can do it independently of conditions, age, gender, race, lifestyle, circumstances and alike
  • will get the results of their own doing and can get their own authority back
  • can stay motivated by getting the rewards of their personal efforts (“Whatever you put in you get out.”)
Difference # 1

Attention On Transforming To Your Dream Lifestyle!
No Goal Settings!

When goals are set, usually we are trained to move straight forward to reach the new point. All senses are lined to achieve the goal (linear approach).

But quite frankly: probably everyone has some experiences not arriving at point B; feeling less accomplished and powerful. You may felt like a failure which creates more stress. Often feelings of being less content or even small creeping in.

On the other hand you might reached the goal, but as soon as the goal was achieved you fall back into old habits.

Sounds like you?

How about focussing on the PROCESS so that you can transform into healthier habits and a longevity life style with quality.

As a result a person feels lighter, easier, less overwhelmed and stressed.

Difference 2

Self-Experimentation Using Personal Limits And Pressure

There is so much confusion about health; especially what should be eaten and what not to heal and stay healthy.

Opinions of other people are simply opinions, theories, ideas; unless it has been taken to the test. Again, the test results of other people matter to them and will differ from yours.

Your main concern: “Does it work for me?”

Don’t simply listening to other people. Educate yourself, feel AND test it out – experiment more. KNOW yourself.

Step 3

Attention On Bigger Dreams - Bigger Plays

Most people are very effective and skilled to get what they want.  Unfortunately they often don’t like the results.

It is very crucial to change strategy, if you don’t like the outcome. Rather learn how to use your innate power to fulfill your dreams.

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