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"Simone gave a very thorough iris analysis. Through the analysis she helped identify key body factors to focus on cleansing and restoring. She is so caring and very passionate about helping people feel the best they can."

Madison SVancouver, WA

It was fascinating to learn from Simone what my eyes revealed about my health. Most of what she revealed to me was a surprise. I consider myself a very healthy person but as I learned what my eyes showed it made perfect sense. I want to be proactive with my health and don't like taking medications. I appreciated that the suggestions Simone had for me were all natural herbs. I'm excited to include these herbs into my daily regimen and reap the benefits.

Thanks Simone!

Michelle O'NeilVancouver, WA

I considered an iris scan 40 years ago, but I was skeptical. Simone is knowledgeable and told me how to approach healing several parts of my body that I knew had problems, but I just thought I would always have to live with. I would recommend doing an iris scan with Simone as she knows how to make this subject understandable and has specific achievable steps for me to take to begin the healing process.

Annette LessmannVancouver, WA