Everyone Can Benefit From Iris Analysis, Even You!

At this moment in your life you may possibly think: “Nothing is wrong with me”…

That is a great thought to begin with and I do encourage you to hold that thought, because in a spiritual sense, nothing is ever truly dis-eased or really wrong with anyone.

So far, you have enough healthy thoughts that keep you on the side of “being healthy”. It doesn’t mean all of your thoughts are healthy.

Let’s do a reality check. Being healthy means being in flow with everything in a resistant free or friction free state.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you in alignment with your life?
  • Do you love every situation in life as it is presented every single day?
  • Do you feel completely happy under all life circumstances and fulfilled within all areas of life such as relationships including romantic relationships, environment, career, life path, health and fitness, personal potential development, finances and so on?

Being healthy is a balancing act between healthy and unhealthy thoughts, feelings, which are actions similar to a seesaw. Health can be defined as being in the flow with everything.

How can Iris Analysis help in this regard?


Iris Analysis is a wonderful tool for those who may not have had any issues, whether this person is young or old. The analysis helps us to determine what health imbalances or tendencies can manifest as symptoms for us, or for our children, if we continue to think and behave in the same way. Having this advanced knowledge can help to find better ways to live your  life.

One wonderful thing about the plan that I provide to you after your Iris Analysis is that you don’t have to make a total lifestyle change on day one; it is not even encouraged. I provide achievable steps that are tailored just for you, based on your strengths and the potential that you already possess. Sometimes even the smallest step can be a giant leap in the better health direction!

You can take your first baby step today beginning with your Iris Analysis. The process is non-invasive and will help you learn about your body’s strengths, weaknesses, and level of toxicity/resistance. Join me today to start your journey! Check it out and click this link.


Building Self Trust:

Some people who are already experiencing unhealthy states varying from light forms of being unwell, unstable, low on energy to being stuck, depressed, or in pain.

Step one: Creating hope and trust into your own ability to heal.

How can Iris Analysis be supportive in this regard?

Most clients that feel more sick may have given up in their abilities to take good care of themselves (which opens the door for all kinds of manipulations not based on the best interest for the person themselves) or they may be overly protective and are trying to do everything themselves without asking for other people’s support. Either way, this is exhausting over a long period of time and can affect a person’s vitality and well-being.


As a result, health imbalances show up as symptoms. You will usually notice little warning signs long before symptoms manifest physically, but because our medical systems are based on results and measurements, people often have felt that something is not right but the medical field couldn’t provide help without physical symptoms being present.

Fortunately we don’t have to  rely on medical measurements, lab tests, or apparatus solely. We have an innate build-in measuring system (our feelings in form of perception, sensations, emotions) which informs what is right or not right for every single person, similar to a compass.

The feeling body, or emotional body, is holding the information about your emotional aspects of your memories and how you feel currently.

The feeling body translates thoughts from Higher aspects of you, as well as from your human perspective, into feeling signatures. In this way, our thoughts can manifest. That is our way of learning and gain awareness quickly. Because of this feeling or emotional body, we can experience our own thoughts.

The thoughts then convert into feeling impressions. The physical body receives and translates those feeling impressions. The physical body translates the messages into chemical responses (nerves system responses, hormonal responses) causing physical body reactions.

Your feeling body never lies nor does the physical body. The iris is connected to every organ and tissue of the body by ways of the nervous system and the brain. The eyes are equipped with hundreds of thousands of nerve endings, microscopic blood vessels, muscles and other tissues, which help act as an extension of the brain. The iris reveals long holding thought patterns that are healthy (=strength) or patterns that express as weaknesses conveying behaviors in the family line that were not supportive of good health.

Knowing your family history can empower you to create a healthy lifestyle into the direction of your dream by letting go the behaviors that aren’t serving you anymore. It is very brave to step up and take responsibility for your health and your wishes in life knowing that NOBODY can do what ONLY you can do for yourself.

Most of us have been adjusted to social and family structures and requirements to fit in and behave as other people wanted us to be and function in this world. ALL of us are experiencing some degree of the results of the social constructs which don’t allow a lot of wiggle space to be authentic and true to ourselves.

It’s time to shine a new light and hope onto old structures that don’t work for everyone’s best interest. It starts with each one of us. Taking better care of personal health and vitality is an absolute requirement. Without a healthy body, it is not possible to focus on others and to be supportive.


My intension for you is to become the most authentic YOU possible so that your body begins to reflect your inner state. It is time for everyone to know his or her unique place in this world and to grow into his or her skin and live accordingly to their uniqueness.

This uniqueness is also reflected in each person’s eyes. The iris acts as your body’s signature blueprint = it’s a mirror to see the internal site of yourself, similar to the information that a CAT Scan or an x-ray can show.


Stand in your truth…because you know better

In order to manifest – actions are required. Small goals or Focused Attention Set-Up’s can help you to stay connected with your wish to improve your health.

Learning more about your body and body symptoms can give you feedback on what a person MUST have been feeling and what a person MUST have been thinking for unhealthy symptoms to occur.

Iris Analysis is a neutral approach to begin your journey of tracing back from symptoms, the emotions and feelings to the unhealthy thought structure that gave rise for the symptoms to show up.

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