How Can You Benefit From Your Personalized Iris Analysis?

Did you know…through Iris Analysis one can discover personal strength as well as learn more about genetic tendencies towards certain health conditions. This is important so that the individual doesn’t have to repeat the pattern and behavior of their generational line and can prevent symptoms before they might manifest through

  • Diet that fits the person best
  • Herbal suggestions
  • Exercise, practices, activities
  • Mind Set

What can Iris Analysis reveal

Iris Analysis is not a tool to diagnose for diseases.

It is observation method to learn how the physical body talks…when exposed to healthy or unhealthy artificial changes in life style over generations

  • inherent strengths and deficiencies of organs, glands, and tissue which affects the proper digest, absorption, utilisation of nutrients as well as proper elimination of waste products and toxins 
  • white signs or darker areas in the iris show potentials of an organ to respond to health imbalances (invasion)
  • unhealthy pattern that might lead to familial pattern of symptoms e.g. as named in the medical field as gastrointestinal disorders, hypoglycaemia.
  • the colors of the eyes as well as genetic patterns give us a hint for difficulties to digest and utilise certain foods
  • issues in the spine (subluxation) shown in the pupil border area
  • potential for imbalances in the autonomic and central nervous system and circulatory system
  • possible weakness in connective tissue and therefore tendencies to various veins, hemorrhoids, scoliosis
  • potential for glandular deficiencies
  • an indication for high amounts of uric acid levels, cholesterol levels, lymphatic congestion

What can’t be concluded or seen by looking into the eyes

  • its not a diagnostic tool for diseases- observing the living matter adapting to improved ease for the physical body to function properly
  • gender
  • age
  • life expectancies 
  • if a person had surgery (expect eye surgery)
  • blood pressure levels
  • the presence of parasites or yeast infections, even though signs of fermentation leading to the presence of show up in the sclera
  • it can’t be confirmed that viruses, germ life, or bacterias are present
  • pregnancy or abortion
  • indication if tumor is present
  • size of any tumor growth 
  • kidney or gall bladder stones
  • exact cholesterol and uric acid levels
  • presence of hemorrhages or its location (unless its in the visible layers of the eyes)
  • if arteries are blocked or hardened even though a potential can be seen
  • need for surgery
  • specific tooth location that might be problematic
  • ingested poison or has been bitten by a poisonous ani spider or snake

The eyes seem to function like a natural opening to look deep into the different layers of our existence. Feel inspired to find a more intimate relationship to your inner SELF through Iris Analysis.

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Love and Light


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