Just let me be clear from the very beginning:

I do not believe nor do I support the concept that something is wrong with a person. I experienced that everything ever created in the Universe is in a constant dance and interaction with each other beyond our human sensory capacity. When it comes to health it is more true that something is out of alignment and a process of integration needs to happen.   

Personally, I see everything as a valuable reflection giving me feedback where the person is not living their truth or are distancing themselves from their reality. These things can cause a person to suffer from the results of being out of alignment.

Let’s explore together how to be more true to ourselves and how to reconnect and integrate with individual truth and reality.

Iris Analysis is such an amazing tool to help this process. The body doesn’t lie.

Studying the eyes and looking at the color, pigmentations, and structure of the iris can send messages about your health and the well being of the body including its functions.

Basic Tendencies

As a child, I loved drawing the eyes of people. There was something mystical and fascinating in it; it felt very intense to look into someone’s eye. 

You can understand what I mean when you meet someone for the very first time and try to look into their eyes.

Anyway…decades later, I learned just how much the eyes are the windows to our internal being.  Looking into a persons eyes gives me a way to connect them with their body and well being. It also allows me to ask better questions about specific body functions or generational tendencies. 

Why is that so important? 

What does Iris Analysis do to help to heal an individual with very different needs and wants?

Not Getting the Help or Answers You Seek? –

Don’t give up your healing power to others. 

Put in the effort and focus on what is valuable. Most people know what I’m talking about when they lost their well being or when they couldn’t do what they intend to do.

Well, that is not me. If I find out that my lifestyle is not contributing to my well being, I’m on it.

Remember a time when grandma’s old healing trick didn’t work anymore and the symptoms kept coming? 

Or when you felt something is off but nobody really seemed to find something wrong and pushed it under the folder – explanation: aging process.

Or when you wanted to run the 2 miles as you did ten years ago and desperately grasped for air after a quarter of a mile?

Or when you wanted to focus on a project and you only got a third done, while just 5 years earlier you effortlessly managed all uncommon tasks with ease?

It is not about that you put time under your belt…

For sure you have been boiling like a frog, sitting in a jar with cold water with a propane flame underneath…the frog will slowly adapt to the circumstances and, not being alarmed early enough, it will not jump out of the water and safe its life. If a frog would be thrown into the hot water pot however, it would jump out immediately.    

You only can heal what you can feel…or at least know about. There is no way to correct something you are not aware of.


Focus on what your body needs and wants. Focus on health and well being. Pick up your power to heal. Learn how the body’s communication system explains its needs and wants and be sure to listen…work to create a reality platform from where healing changes can be made.

How Iris Analysis Can Help –

I am aware that a lot of children are born now with more deficiencies. Proper lifestyle choices are key to improve our children’s outlook and well being. 

The health of a person is mainly determined how a person eats, drinks, breathes, feels, thinks and generally lives or moves. There are also unique circumstances, what a person does with genetic traits, and how they live with them.

As a certified Iris Analysis practitioner, I found Iris Analysis very helpful to connect markings in the eyes with the corresponding body parts and systems when explaining my findings and when presenting the report.  

I feel so blessed and honored that I have been able to witness those empowering moments when people can connect the dots and feel, for the very first time, validated that they have received the correct messages from their body, but nobody was present enough with them to allow them to unfold personal realizations. Usually people who reach out for help are told what to do. 


Personal empowerment is possible through Iris Analysis and engaging each person with their reality allows personal truth to unfold.

What is iris Analysis?


Iris Analysis, or Iridology, is a medical technique where characteristics of the iris, such as pattern and color, can be examined to determine information about a person’s systemic health. Due to a lot negative health practices when acute situation sneed to be corrected, alternative health methods and techniques have not been promoted by the medical society…quite frankly…that is not their field. 

Whenever a person is in the need for immediate medical assistance, there are many great physician and surgeons that are needed to save lives. This is one healing modality. Nowadays this method has the main weight for keeping the body healthy. The problem is that is not their expertise: 

Western medical doctors are trained to diagnose and treat diseases; they are not educated and licensed to focus on health and well being.

Their field is acute and for life threatening situations. But when it comes to chronic, long-standing conditions, they are very restricted. They can only use medication, cut the problem out through surgery, or use chemo and radiation. 

Don’t forget – it is your health and your body, and you are in charge of whatever is going on and is communicated through symptoms, sensations, energy deficiencies, pain and so on.

It is always easier to prevent these things. You don’t have to get sick to be able to pay attention to what is important in life.

That is when Iris Analysis comes in handy…many people are unaware that the eyes can present an image of the body’s health. The eyes also reveal tendencies towards certain health conditions and emotional issues that may arise. These are some of the reasons why Iris Analysis is such an important practice.

For example: A person with strong constitution may get away with a more abusive lifestyle longer than a person with weaker constitution. However…when a person learns early on in life through Iris Analysis where their individual strength and weaknesses are and they adjust their lifestyle accordingly, they can potentially live a better quality of life and maybe even live longer. On the other hand, if a person with really amazing conditions has never learned about them and is squandering his or her life potential and energy  by living without consideration about their best conditions, they may experience extreme acute health situations later in life.

According to the internet the word: the term Iris originated in Greek and means “rainbow”. Iris was the name of the Greek goddess of the rainbow, who also served as a messenger to the gods. This name can also be given in reference to the word (which derives from the same Greek source) for the iris flower or the colored part of the eye.

Just in case that you found yourself caught by the question…

Well, why didn’t I ever hear about it?

The mystery of the eye can be traced back more than 6000 years ago the ancient Chinese, Egyptian and Mesopotamian traditions that had already used the complete apparatus of the eyes to detect health issues by examining the conditions of eyelids, sclera, pupil and then were able to determine alignment and integration methods. 

By knowing about and understanding POTENTIAL weaknesses and problem areas, you have all of the information in your hands to make a change and empower yourself to take actions that are in your best interest. Being aware helps you work towards optimal health and well-being. What does it mean? Knowing that your ancestral line, you grandparents and parents at last have lived a lifestyle which has contributed to certain weaknesses. Bringing more awareness to those areas allows each individual to make better choices which are geared to increase the quality of life and avoiding pattern and habits that aren’t supportive to the experiences in you life you wish to make. Focus on HEALTH and WELL BEING.

Each iris color can indicate different potential emotional and health issues. Here, I outline some of these issues as well as steps that you can take to transform your physical and mental health.

Blue Eyes: 

Potential Tendencies for lymphatic weakness

  • Due to mucus arriving from overactive lymph system often other issues show up such as
  • sinus congestions
  • lung congestions
  • arthritic symptoms 
  • Common reaction sites are: tonsils, adenoids, upper respiratory, lungs, sinuses, genitourinary tract, stomach lining, intestines, joints 
  • Skin afflictions e.g. psoriasis, eczema, dandruff, dry skin, arthritis, rheumatic disorders, stiffness, aching muscles


Brown Eyes:

Potential Tendencies towards blood anomalies and glandular issues

  • Imbalances of blood composition
  • Thick blood or Anemia
  • Constipation and hardening of lymph tissues
  • Disturbances in gastrointestinal tract: digestion, elimination
  • Glandular system disorders (including thyroid, adrenal, pineal, pituitary, pancreas, thymus, gonads)
  • Check for liver, gallbladder, spleen functions 

Hazel or Mixed Iris (including Green Iris):

Potential Tendencies to suffer from liver and gallbladder issues

  • Liver and gall bladder insufficiencies
  • Check pancreas
  • Gastrointestinal disturbances and digestive are often an issue, especially if the pupillary zone is more densely pigmented
  • possible constipation, diarrhea, flatulence, blood sugar highs and lows, liver, gallbladder problems (can be all present)

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