Have you ever experience the trouble of thinking…


” What’s Wrong With Me? I’m so tired. My old tricks don’t work anymore.”

That is the point when people reach out trying to find solutions to feel great and powerful again. They are often looking for something that works fast and long lasting. What if you can heal fast and long lasting? Let’s pretend it’s possible…what would you do?

Hi, Simone here – Catalyst for True Healing and Regeneration

It’s all about becoming and being YOU.

When a person wants to feel better or wishes to improve the lifestyle in order to get what he or she dreams about deep inside, it is absolute important to be the most authentic YOU – That is the ultimate accomplishment. The wish to improve whatever you are longing for functions only as a pointer giving direction. Without a pointer or flagpole it’s easier to lose sight where to go in life.

What is your pointer that guides and directs you through your life? Sometimes pointers are health challenges. It’s not what you want? YOU have all the power in the world to make that change.

Maybe it’s better to ask yourself: What drives you and makes your heart jump? What sparks you simply to get up in the morning every day? What are you dreaming about over and over even it seems impossible at this point?

Healing is of spiritual matter that influences the way you think which will result in how you feel and finally how your body shapes and functions. With other words… the physical body is a RESULT of how you feel and think. We can’t heal completely when we try to fix results.

– Simone Claridge

How much are you in sync with your dream? Curious to check it?

Test this out…Simply scan your body from head to toe…

Do you feel:

  • hollow,
  • light,
  • flexible,
  • clear,
  • pain-free,
  • energetic and vital…
  • uplifted
  • brave
  • simply invincible and happy…?

If not there is something that is not flowing and it might be experienced as a mental chaos, fog, unclarity or emotional instability or moodiness or physically not at the best.

The way how you feel and think will cause to shape and form also your…

  • relationships
  • career
  • outlook in life
  • money flow
  • work situation
  • opportunities
  • circumstances
  • benefactors and supporter
  • simply your movie called LIFE

True healing vibrates from a place where you know yourself. Don’t believe me, simply test it out yourself.


Ready for a TRUE ADVENTURE that never gets boring? A journey into YOU begins with the first step.

Gather everything you know about yourself that is here now.

Measure, track, observe whatever you can about yourself and your current situation you wish to change. That will help to trace back how things came into place.


Over 35 years of experimenting, learning, testing I found a simple, natural, non-invasive soft tissue analysis tool to get you started. It helps to discover and venture deeper into the body’s truth and body awareness and allows me to ask better questions opening up space for more discovery.

More space = more freedom. This natural analysis tool gives valuable health information quickly. Click here and check it out.

After more detailed information how your body, organs and systems are doing it is possible to draw a health story mapping out a more tailored and natural plan to increase YOUR well being.

Inspired and driven by my own healing, which occurred on multiple levels, I began to devour anything that could help me back into that blissful, light, expanded state of being; such as

  • researching immediate healing
  • studying energetic methods
  • practicing on my own
  • supporting hundreds of clients from several countries
  • personal trials and experimenting
  • life style changes
  • hibernating period

Full of enthusiasm I am walking the path myself and live it. I can talk from experiences and I’m allowing myself to go through “learning situations”. (Be inspired and check out one of my healing situations – Simone’s case). With more awareness deeper situations can reveal itself (ready to let go); this process is an internal training preparing you to handle EVERY SINGLE SITUATION in life with grace, clarity and courage to come out STRONGer than before.

There are no One-Fits-All-Solutions nor outside sources that can fix you, but there are helpful tools and pointers you can benefit from.

There is a way to learn more about your SELF that is natural and does fits you.

Nobody is like you. Are you ready to heal your body that works for you?

For more information how to get started click the link here.

Simone Claridge

Author Simone Claridge

I love to discover, test and experiment all about natural healing and longevity. Due to several personal immediate healing experiences and healing challenges I was drawn to learn how to get back into those states of indescribable bliss and ease consciously. - Teaching Degree Biology and Chemistry (Germany) - Master of Medical Qigong (MMQ) - Zhineng Qigong Healer and Teacher

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