Instead of a New Years Resolution – How about this…

Dream, Baby, Dream

Many people of the so-call Western World experience constant concerns and anxiety about whether they might be too fat or too poor, too these or too that…and they can suffer societal real-world consequences for failing to lose weight or make more money.

No wonder that the majority of people answer like trained parrots about their New Years Resolutions desperately searching for solutions of branded products and services to heal their deep seated wounds such as fear of failing to make the necessary changes for a happier life. But two of the pressing question is still not asked nor answered:

WHY Do I need a change?

WHAT is it that needs a change?

As a result of not asking yourself these question: Most people will fail within the first six weeks.

There is a small percentage of heart-driven individuals who will make it while knowing clearly what it is they need and are taking action towards it. They also recognised that certain movements and frequencies are influencing them in an orderly way known as laws of Nature and the Universe. If the individual fails to obeyed that order it will show as results.  

And what is society messaging? It can be overwhelming due to the complexity and amount of social requirements. If you ever found yourself drowning in not knowing what is right and wrong and therefore not knowing what to do next…I’m sure we all have been there…that can be very confusing.

Allow me to share:

9 personal tips to benefit from a Healthy New Years Resolution 2019

Your Highest Dream has an important function as a flagpole on top of the mountain is guiding your direction to not get lost. I call it the “Highest Dream” which is often also referred as purpose or function in life.

Try the 5 D’s Worksheet and set you mind.

1) Dream big every single day: What is your Highest Dream in this life to achieve?


2) Focus on your Highest Dream and give it Highest Priority.

3) Determine what is essential to fulfil your Highest Dream.

4) Stay anchored in your Highest Dream/ Purpose and alert in the moment -every single day.

Allow more quiet dream time to saturate your whole being with the feeling of creating such results – How will it feel when you reach the flagpole on top of the mountain.

5) Take care of your body and your given abilities.


Stay fit, strong, agile, vital and dynamic.
Chose your food, exercises, activities based on the question:
How much I feel vital, energised, dynamic and strong. how simple is it?

6) Collaborate with others for intensifying common directions for faster, stronger results.

7) Know when to make changes or when you need to quit directions that aren’t serving  for the Highest Good of everyone.

8) Get your authority back and utilises tools, services, and products wisely.

Conduct help and support for yourself. Have your Highest Dream and EVERYONE’S Highest Dream and the Highest Dream of the world and the Universe in mind. It’s okay to start with yourself first. Know yourself better than you are able to step in other people’s shoes more easily and become a better person to live with. Attention! Attention!…Mojo Factor Alert…smile?

9) Ignite changes. Become curious.

30 New Years Resolutions for a healthy 2019 

Found on the web

Personal Note: My intension is to simply gather other people’s New years Resolution articles without judging any of it. Personally I’m not agreeing or disagreeing to any, I’d like to present what is out there without claiming completion of the search. Consolidate with your own perspective and be brave to find your individualised

Be inspired and see what you resonate with…

  • Lose weight or eat healthier
  • Practice self care; – take a look at your appearance; (pay less or more attention (Note: healthy self care is a balancing act)
  • Find five minutes a day for your mental wellbeing
  • Eat more at home
  • Floss your teeth regularly 
  • Exercise more, get fit and in shape
  • Break the smart phone or social media addiction
  • Read more books
  • Stay in touch and spend more time with family and friends
  • Spend less and save more money
  • Get out of debt
  • Help others more
  • Get organised 
  • Find a job or switch to a job that fits better
  • Put less on your plate – cut back on stress
  • Engage into community work; volunteer
  • Learn something new or start a new hobby e.g. another language, go back to school for your bachelor’s degree, learn how to craft your own furniture, pick up a new outdoor hobby
  • Burn a list of things you don’t want to do or have anymore
  • Revisit your goals from last year – where are you at?
  • Write an My Essential List – use questions such as : What things you want to experience in life? How you want to grow as a person? How you want to contribute to the society? And burn it
  • Enjoy what you have; enjoy life to the fullest
  • Get more sleep
  • Start the day rush-free and prep for the day, get up 30 mins earlier
  • Stretch every morning
  • Quit smoking and alcohol
  • Give yourself a break
  • Interact more with people
  • Travel more
  • Resolve to commit to any goal
  • Stay below high luxury tax level (especially when you are a Red Sox football player – according to it’s $169 million…of course, I have that in my pockets of my travel pants)

Happy New Year 2019!!!

Love and Light

Simone Claridge

Simone Claridge

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