A Thanksgiving Story …


Could that be you?

(this story is based on true experiences; names are changed to protect privacy)


“I was devastated and afraid to post the story which I felt compassionate about. True healing… it took me the complete Thanksgiving day to type. Somehow I felt that I had something important to offer, but most people haven’t been even aware that they needed my service.

The last 6 years I tried to figure out how to shift gears in spreading the word using the world wide web as a platform.

At the beginning I bought marketing programs and attended several courses and classes. I wrote story after story, as well as pages of insights, revelations, revolutionary trends, business structures…only to discard them at the end.

Over time I became a marketing course junky testing and trying what works and what didn’t work.

I couldn’t hone in on my niche, every marketing guru talks about.

Frankly…I had prepared a lot of products but I couldn’t bring my ducks in a row. No content ready to share, no communication sequences, no video outline scripted to explain why its important…yet the whole time I spent effort, time, money on subscriptions, tools, services…only to change it before I was able to launch.

If I could just get out from underneath feeling not good enough and share as it was at this particular moment in time – authentically.

My way of thinking about myself had to get better.

When I began to work internally I thought it would be check-marked and done when I put my mind on my healing process for a period of time.


It’s like deciding to go on a diet to lose 15pounds in 30 days…30 days might give enough time to re-experience how one could feel without that weight, but it takes a change in lifestyle to not re-create the pounds again. Its like banging your head against the walls getting headaches and bruised up.

The problems I was facing originated not on the surface of the ocean even though the waves can be very powerful and destructive.

The problem is how I was thinking about my SELF and how I have learnt to see or think about me, people, the world. Instead of being of influence to make a difference in my life and others I became a victim to my own self-talked story and its results.

Slowly I got stuck into a lifestyle that almost drained the last life spark out of me; and then it turned into a problem.

I was a really good dreamer without taking the appropriate action steps to move towards financial independence. The gap between spend and earn money opened up wide – scary wide. At this point I wanted the ONE ‘fix-it-all-solution”. And I wanted it now to stop my credit card balances to grow to the edges. I couldn’t sleep nor rest to reset my thinking. Desperately I wanted to launch my services to be able to pay my next rent and electrical bill.

I fall for any promising program that seemed to pull me out of feeling incapable to create a constant money flow but only to end up increasing the gap between spending and earning.

Feeling more and more stuck I became physically and mentally constipated; I finally reached a point where I didn’t want to get up. I accepted even to crawl in a cave and die.

I had poor relationships and couldn’t ask for help.

My family was very distant and far away.

I expect the worst out of life and attracted exactly that.

This was how I perceived my world all framed through myself image.

My financial life simply echoed what I felt about my own worth inside.

Now, 6 years later…

Financial growing into indecency and feeling that I have a lot to share…

It has been quite the journey…

My life is a lot different.

My relationships have changed dramatically.

My Love of my life and me are now living 5 month in our new dream home – custom build. Surrounded by a green belt of trees where deers, birds, rabbits, owls can hide…very beautiful and relaxing.

At my lowest point I became aware:

I could do anything.

I could be anything I wanted.

This became my new vision. Even though destructive thinking pattern continued to come up, but they slowly lost the intensity and grip to move me into doing something stupid. I could see them as what they are…simply thoughts.

My new mantra helped me…

“Every day better and better.”

My heart is feeling so full now. No hurry anymore; instead a deep sense of contentment and internal freedom. There is the inner knowing that everything is showing up when it should and it is perfect in that way; which doesn’t mean it can’t be better tomorrow.

It’s clear for me now: “I can create even in the darkest moments a little bit light of fun to play…better and better. Whatever I need is here already at this moment. I’ll look for it.”

This has translated into better results by choosing wisely.

Small good daily choices compounding better results over time.

It’s really amazing.

It all started with stepping out of bed feeling the bottom of the feet on the ground completely being thankful about it. I used daily routines to become more alert experiencing the moments from start to finish.

Then I made the bed every morning.

Next I began to pick up all clothing laying around collecting it into a laundry bag.

Then I observed my eating habits and exchanged it with more energising habits.

Step by step I felt better and better.

Then my relationships got better.

Replacing destructive mind chatter with new and uplifting ideas, and playful activities.

I became a better partner to my SELF and others.

More real.

More honest.

More listing.

More loving.

My business approach changed. More opportunities showed up beyond anything I could even imagine.

Today I’m realising that I may have opinions about events, people, places I I might label it as good or bad. But it will not take me off from what I’m here to do; my direction in life. I feel more anchored and grounded to what my heart is jumping for focused on being in the flow of my Highest dream.

If you don’t like your life as it is you have all the power to look where you are supporting what you don’t want. You must look within for it hidden causes.

Ready for a little experiment about your power?

Think of your custom build new home. See it in your mind’s eyes and start now to tend the process of building. Imagine the optimal spot where your home should sit.

Cut down, rearrange, clear areas of  weeds, sick trees, overgrowing bushes of wrong thinking, even or level the ground.

Select the design, implement to best construction crew you want to work with. Implement proper communication structures that are simple and easy to maintain to get the home done.

Optimize the foundation, reduce to that what is essential and loving to you. Dream as often as you wish and bear witness how your life begins to reflect your dreams in everything you do on a daily basis.

Make changes in your mind on your dream home if areas of your daily life isn’t in the flow. Is it possible that your career, your relationships, your money issues are reflected in your dream home in your mind and can be fixed in that state?

Test is out and play with it. Let me know.

Become determined to rearrange your mind to reflect a better world.

Identify yourself with only the noble loving ideas, emotions and the desire you want to embody.

Shift into your dream to make changes till it becomes a tangible fact.

The solution is only within.

In your dream you can already be what you want to experience.

Clothe yourself in that state as often as you can, and see how your right consciousness draws upon itself that which is in harmony with its nature.

In fact we are simply mirror reflections of what we think, feel and live as true.

I’m so THANKFUL TODAY and every day that I found my SELF within to bring my real gift into the world.

Today I wish that you be and live the better version of you and flow in happiness for the rest of your life.


Love and light


Simone Claridge

Author Simone Claridge

I love to discover, test and experiment all about natural healing and longevity. Due to several personal immediate healing experiences and healing challenges I was drawn to learn how to get back into those states of indescribable bliss and ease consciously. - Teaching Degree Biology and Chemistry (Germany) - Master of Medical Qigong (MMQ) - Zhineng Qigong Healer and Teacher

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