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Every day we consume foods or other products so we can have the energy we need to live our lives.  

But, if you are like me, you not only want to stay alive. You want to create an amazing life and experience full potential. You probably want to know what is possible for you? And while you are improving your capacity you probably also want to get better and better increasing your longevity and quality of life.



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What do you eat to energize?

Given all the commercials and books and diet plans we are exposed to, you might find it challenging to know what is actually optimal for you to eat.  What foods really give you the energy you need to live the high-quality, long life you want?

If you are struggling with your food, any questions about food and quality of life might feel confronting.  

Let’s begin to take food out of the judgement column and put it into the experimental column. Rather than feel “bad” or “wrong” where food is concerned…how about getting curious about a few things?

  • What foods does your body tell you are really best for you?
  • How do you know if what you are shoveling into your mouth is optimal for maintaining proper body function so you can enjoy life to the fullest?
  • What should you eat if you have already lost some body functions and are no longer able to run, jump, stretch, sleep well, lift heavy stuff, breath properly, or stand upright?

Let’s discover more about your whole body and food so you can figuring out what is really working for you:

  • Do you really know what YOUR body needs?
  • How much do you want to rely on diet plans and food suggestions that may fit other peoples’ experiences, ideas, believes, lifestyle, ambition, dreams, tastes, desires, pleasures, cravings, lust, appetite, and physical conditions?

There are no diet plans out there that will fit you perfectly and nothing will fit FOREVER.

How about creating your very own, personalized signature food blueprint. So that you can create a quality life that you can enjoy and feel fulfilled in?

In order to support as many people as possible, I am collecting information using a survey:

  1. to learn about the food people eat to feel energized,
  2. to discover the food they eat when they want to get better, stronger, smarter like training for a marathon or going on stage.

When you contribute, your name is put in a drawing to receive one of the 10 FREE Iris Analyses (Value of Iris Analysis: $ 250). This is my way of saying “Thank You!” for your collaboration, effort, and time. 

The Iris Analysis is one of nature’s greatest, and at present, only soft tissue analysis that is non-invasive and can function as a road map to learn more about of your strength and weaknesses.

It will also show your congestive (lymphatic) and chemical accumulations and will give valuable information about the conditions of your glandular system and nervous system.

Please, help me out. Below are two simple questions for you to answer spontaneously in one word or a short phrase.

When you are feeling low energy and your empty stomach feeling sends you on a food search:

  1. What is your main food source to feel more energized?
  2. What do you eat to prepare for a real challenge?

(Note: The definition of challenge as used here = any action, event, person, circumstance that brings you out of feeling comfortable and to the edge of your limits without becoming reactive or out of control; e.g a sport event, going on stage, having your kids’ friends over for the weekend, preparing for an exam, etc.)

I will use your information to create a video.  I will share what I learn on my blog and Facebook.

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Simone Claridge

Author Simone Claridge

I love to discover, test and experiment all about natural healing and longevity. Due to several personal immediate healing experiences and healing challenges I was drawn to learn how to get back into those states of indescribable bliss and ease consciously. - Teaching Degree Biology and Chemistry (Germany) - Master of Medical Qigong (MMQ) - Zhineng Qigong Healer and Teacher

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