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When I was first introduced to Iris Analysis, I was actually visiting the US for the very first time. I came all the way from my little town in East Germany Delitzsch to Pennsylvania for a course with Douglas Morrison. I enjoyed his workshop in Germany so much that I wanted to become an instructor and study with him. At the end of the workshop, he announced the option to join his 6 week instruction course during the end of 2002. I jumped for joy, but there was one big problem. The course would be in America and my English wasn’t nearly sufficient. I was so convinced that this course would deliver some of the key elements of healing that I was missing in order to create a complete system.

Despite the language barrier, I started to intensely practice my English. I improved my speaking and writing skills within a two month period by using any opportunity to practice. The instructor Douglas agreed to begin emailing back and forth, just sharing anything in English to train the skills. Three other German Students had signed up meanwhile which became crucial in how I learned so quickly. Additionally, Douglas gave me the opportunity to come one week earlier for practice reasons.

For the purpose of learning the language, this following helped immensely. First I spent a couple of days at his home watching TV to catch up with some slang, it was very helpful meeting his kids, Andrew and Meghan. I spent some time with them while he prepared for the big event. His hospitality and kindness was outstanding. Then after that week, we left to attend the 3rd Annual Iridology conference in Cincinnati, OH where he was invited to attend as a guest speaker. This was quite the experience, and fundamental to my growth. (Site note: I met world class luminaries in the iridology field at the congress who aroused my curiosity so much that I continued to learn about this science until today. I will talk about in a separate blog to keep it sweet and short.)

I felt that I make this trek across continents for a reason. At this point in my life it was clear to me: I have to make changes in my life.

When truth calls – FOLLOW. Once I became resolute on my path, everything else started to come together. I have had countless experiences with countless people about how this analysis has effectively acted as a tool to improve lives. Despite the fact that this is more than just second nature by now to me, I am aware that most people don’t know much or nothing about Iris Analysis.

Allow me to share one example of many, how Iris Analysis changes life’s on a daily basis:

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My hubby and I LOOOOOVE taking walks around our neighbourhood. It helps us to unwind, being able to talk and enjoy fresh air. Feeling the sun on my skin, warming up my head relaxing my mind as the birds chatter in the distance. The intoxicating aromas from the flowers in the pretty gardens in front of the pretty homes in our cul de sac are nearly dreamlike.
Some walks can take up a longer time, especially when chatting with the people living close to you. Small talk about the little things that make a big difference, especially goings on of football.

My husband’s two older sons played in the NFL teams. He coached his oldest son with the result being #2 player in the US and #1 player in his position as offense line man 1995. He had 65 scholarship opportunities and he landed as the #1 recruit to go to USC. On top of all that, he chose to mentor the neighbour kids to become successful as well. Mentorship is something that seems to run in the family, but most people tend to enjoy talking about football, and why not? It’s exciting and ever changing, ensuring that you always have conversation.

However, something else started to spark the curiosity of our neighbours. Since being together with me and following my guidances and suggestion of true healing, my husband dropped a considerable amount of weight. The puffiness around his face disappeared, the double chin tightened up, the belly flattened and he is able to walk now on his knee with little trouble, with no cartilage and no knee replacement surgery. People curiously began to ask, “What are you doing?” You are looking so good, so fit and healthy.

This is my turn talking to the neighbours, this is my passion and field of expertise.

As soon they get interested and hear the words, “diet” or “natural healing,” they are usually set in their mind. No wonder. They have an idea of what it means, that it’s nothing new. Then I often observe two major reactions: they either begin to nod as to signal that they know what I’m talking about, or they express their resistance by letting me know, “Yes, I do live a very healthy lifestyle,” which keeps them from hearing how I can truly help them.

On the other hand, whenever I begin to talk about ”Iris Analysis” I can see a leaning into the conversation. Iris Analysis is a science that sparks a genuine interest because most people have never heard about it.

As a now very convinced benefactor of my healing approach, Bill likes to demonstrates my skill level by asking the question “Simone, can you share something about their health situation, only they would know?”
The reactions are quite stunning after pinning it down within a couple of sentences. When truth answers – it moves mountains; even though the mountains I’m referring to are mainly invisible and more of energetic nature; believe it or not they are causing blockages internally.
Often they ask now curious questions such as, “How do you know?” or “How can you help me?”

This is how I began to take advantage of iridology. It is such an amazing scientific tool that functions as a door opener to open people up to learn more about THEMSELVES. I would love to show you how you can benefit from an Iris Analysis.

How curious are you? Check it out. Iris Analysis is the ONLY NON-INVASIVE soft tissue analysis that tells you how your body internally looks like, where accumulations block a natural flow of energy which can result in restriction of lymph, blood or nerve pinching.

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