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3 Healing Secrets From The Medicine-less Hospital In China

By February 14, 2017 12 Comments

Dr. Pang Ming – Founder of Medicine-less Hospital in China and Creator of Zhineng Qigong


In the case of the sudden healing of the Chinese elderly woman with bladder cancer from previous blog we discovered more from Luke Chan: Click here

Luke Chan, who witnessed and videotaped the case wrote in his book – 101 miracles of natural healing: “Ten Days later, I asked the doctors to double-check if the patient’s tumor was gone. The doctors put the same patient’s bladder on-screen again and we saw no trace of cancer. Later I was told that a major German TV crew, visiting the center a week before had successfully videotaped the same process with other cancer patients.”

The center which was relocated to its last address to Qinhuangdao, an old navy hospital, in 1992 (5 train hours away from Beijing) completely avoided

  • medicine
  • special diets.

Instead the main attention was placed on:

  • exercising,
  • love, and
  • practicing the cultivation of life force energy called Qi.

Each client, who came to the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Center, they went through a diagnosis process done by doctors. After the first evaluation (medical equipment and appropriate instruments such as x-ray-, EKG-, CT-machines have been used), the client was assigned to a class of 50 clients normally for a period of 24 days = 576 hours; for longer observation a  52 days period = 1248 hours was also available.

In case of the woman with bladder cancer; she also joined for 24 days with thousands of others supported by doctors, Zhineng Qigong teachers, trainers and special support personnel.

The center counted 600 staff members including 26 trained doctors in Western Medicine who were responsible for the proper diagnosis when entering and leaving the center and taken care of emergency cases.

Unfortunately very little has been known about this center itself due to the policy in China of not advertising in newspapers or magazines. Word by mouth was the best method to spread the word.


Three major secrets for healing

from the Medicine-less Hospital/Center in China


  1. Focus on calling everyone STUDENT – not patient. No matter how sick a person was, they all have been called: Students. They all have been learning an art of self healing without primarily relying on a medical doctor. No doctor-patient relationship existed, only teacher-student relationship. The concept of sickness has been replaced with a more uplifting and motivating re-learning concept.
  2. Focus on ENERGY GATHERING AND UTILIZATION for healing as well as re-education. The students invested 8hours a day practicing the cultivation of life force energy – there was no focus on chemistry. The rest of the day they learnt about energy and transformation of matter into energy and visa versa.
  3. Focus on LOVE or ONENESS. This helped all students to regain an understanding of their own power and abilities. In group practices they all supported each other and learnt how to create a strong healing environment called the Qi Field. The creation of the qi filed has been so powerful that other systems in China began to implement it in their practices or systems.


Based on Zhineng Qigong, there is now a possibility that…also you can learn it.

Click here for more information.

Myself I have been trained by teachers of that center in China. After my return to America and Germany with a deepened skill level on healing and my own healing experiences I realized that the mind set of a person living in the Western world is heavily focused on treating symptoms with chemistry mainly using pharmaceuticals, radiation/chemo or surgery. “With other words…”Ideas such as “popping the pill for a fast fix” are a major obstacle to bring in an new stream of thought and approach for healing.

The treatment fix for the Western medical society is often stamped with a time frame how long someone can life or is giving hope based on statistics.  The results are devastating for the person relying on help.

I meet more and more people with serious issues, pain, who lost hope completely. Usually people around the 40th hit a kind of a “health wall”, where nothing works anymore to fix the issue. But now my kids are already having trouble in their 20th as well. The health consciousness of the educated world seems to fail and still people believe in OLD HEALTH THINKING.

In my experiences people with Western mind set responding better to implement the physical body since we are more trained to use our five senses and believe with we can hear, smell, taste, see and touch. That is why I implement also diet.

We might need a new way of health and healing, don’t you think?  Albert Einstein is broadly credited with exclaiming the definition of insanity: ”

Doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.


Did the people in the Western World listened to the “Wrong Master” of “healing”?

Love and light


PS: Thanks for your interest. Please, ask questions or leave comments below.



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I love to discover, test and experiment all about natural healing and longevity. Due to several personal immediate healing experiences and healing challenges I was drawn to learn how to get back into those states of indescribable bliss and ease consciously. - Teaching Degree Biology and Chemistry (Germany) - Master of Medical Qigong (MMQ) - Zhineng Qigong Healer and Teacher

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  • I have studied on and off with Luke Chans brother. I just started doing it again and came across your video on u tube. I am interested in learning more about iris analysis. I do massage therapy and am already familiar but I haven’t had it done.

    • Simone Claridge says:

      Dear Kristy,

      Thanks for connecting. Great, you picked up your practice again. It’s specially amazing for energy workers and healers like you are. I do love Luke Chan’s material but I haven’t met his brother. Maybe you want to share his link.

      Anyway…I am experimenting with Level 1 and 2 right now especially to see how sleep and deep relaxation is affected when practiced daily without any breaks. Great results so far…I’m also setting up an online Facebook group at this moment to practice together for healing and higher potential. Feel free to check Qigong Magic Facebook page tomorrow, Sunday, Mother’s Day 2019… Sending lots of Love and Light to you (if you are not having kids, you might be a Mother of your clients).

      If you want to experience an Iris Analysis go to the navigation bar on this page on the upper left site and scroll over the “Work with Simone” – button. Choose “Iris Analysis” from the drop down menu or simply copy and paste into your browser the following link –

      All instructions and options are there for you to pick. If you simply want to experience it take the option Iris Analysis Overview.

      See you soon.
      Have a wonderful day.

      • Caroline Denawi says:

        My 12 years old daughter has Down Syndrome, they call it Phelan-McDermid Syndrome

        Looking for a cure / healing
        I’m ready to bring her to your hospital in China.
        Please, send your address, full details and phone/ email.

        • Dear Caroline,
          This hospital called Hua Xia Zhineng Qigong Center was closed in 2001 due to Chinese Government enactment along with other Qigong Centers. Approximately 400.000 students (patients have been called students) from over 180 countries to improve or heal all kinds of ailments from 1992 to 2001. (According to Master Yuantong Liu “Basic Theories and Methods of Zhineng Qigong” book based on the works of Dr. Pang Ming.)

          Nonetheless, when the center were closed 760 teachers have been released. The good news is that all those teachers spread all over the world and thanks to the world wide web one can find a lot more information of active Zhineng Qigong practitioners and active group online. Additionally more groups in so many different countries are practicing now. Best to find a practitioner in your area. For example our group meets online every Saturday-called “Zhineng Qigong Practice Group online” by Qigong Magic Simone Claridge.

          I’m sure you are a very open and curious person. If you could benefit from more support and connection simply join our online activities and meet some like minded friends. It is not easy to care for a Loved One with special needs. I can imagine your life is very busy with care taking. There is not a lot time for yourself or a personal life.

          Let me know, if I can further assist you? Hope this helps.

          Love and Light to your daughter and you (both of you are perfect)

  • Khandan Jazaeri says:

    Very interesting. I totally believe in our mind’s power but so far have not been able to tame it in any way. I live in Middle East , do you know anybody who practices healing in this way ? I know couple of young people that desperately need help.

    • wwgzb says:

      Dear Khandan,
      Yeap…it’s a work to tame our instincts. It does require a complete decision, a clear imagery and awareness/energy to set the “bull” straight – so to speak. I don’t know anybody personally in your area; you can connect online with anyone. Zhineng Qigong online practice groups are available such as in the Us, Germany, and Belgium. Chinese Zhineng Qigong teachers share their knowledge in form of teachings, workshops, and classes. Especially direct students of Grand master Pang Ming certify students and enable them to teach; for example I am certified since 2011 and have my own online class. More and more interest in Qigong helps practitioners like me to spread the word even faster. Healing center for Zhineng Qigong become more known. As more as individuals can free themselves like you (this includes ANY believe system and thought) as more those individuals can resonate the real freedom and help healing others by simply being FREE. Everyone around that more free person will match the vibration automatically. Since you see so many people in need I encourage you to get started being the light in your area. Quiet frankly…it takes YOU to make the change you want to see. Welcome, my friend.

  • Florence says:

    I need help healing I have many symptoms- lichen sclerosis, extreme fatigue pain difficulty breathing anxiety. Went to see a chi master in U. s no luck. Get treatment in Canada every 3 days no luck
    11 years of illness and can not work

  • Florence says:

    I am painfully ill and would like to know where to go to learn how to learn about getting chi energy

    • Dear Florence,

      Feel free to fill out a contact request and talk with me directly. The Discovery Session is a possibility to talk with me 20mins at no cost to find out, if we are good fit for each other. The origin of your issues might have its origin on levels of our existence that have not been solved simply by giving you a Qigong treatment. You have all the power in your hand to turn the boat.

      Talk to you soon. Love and Light. Happy Mother’s Day for you. Simone

    • The good News…nothing to go for and learn to get…you already have it. Let’s get aware what is in the way that is blocking the flow and how to get back in the flow that is already moving like a Mighty River within.

  • Akshaya says:


    I like to learn, understand power of mind. Is the centre in China still working. I am from India and would like to visit/ attend 24days program. I could not get proper information. Could u please help.

    • Dear Akshaya,
      The Center was urged to close along with almost all other Qigong Center in 2001 due a Government enactment. But luckily there are so many online groups and teachers available now. Just search for what you are looking for and choose your teacher or practice group. If you like to join our “Zhineng Qigong Practice Group online” search on Facebook, we meet Saturdays at 7am PST.

      If you have specific questions feel free to email me directly

      Love and Light

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