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Is Sudden Healing Possible? Part 1

By February 3, 2017 February 10th, 2017 3 Comments

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FOR SURE…Sudden Healing Is Possible.

This is not just a belief that is a fact for me since it has happen for me.

For some people it is easier to accept this fact it if explain a bit more. Similar like give a dog a “bone” … so it stops barking and gets quiet.

If YOU think it works, it does.

If YOU think it doesn’t work, you are right too.

Most people can accept the fact that:

Everything that exists is energy.

Everything that exists is made from the same smallest  building block – called primordial energy or God particle or…whatever you wish to call it.

  1. Any substance that exists in the universe is build from building blocks that come together and form a “social community” depending on the function.
  2. Each part of the whole has its own energy and field around.
  3. The smallest building block everything is made from we can call primordial building block or God particle.


Quantum physics explains this process.  

You are not made out of ONE PIECE creating your physical appearance.

You are not just a physical body. (Better said: You are HAVING a physical body)

If you want to heal – all layers of you need to heal and balance out.

YOU = several layers of “bodies” that vibrate in different frequencies and differs in density and speed. Those bodies exist in different dimensions but are tidally interwoven and communicate with each other.

The following imagery might help to understand the concept: Remember playing with lego blocks the last time?

You could build whatever you dreamed about by arranging the lego blocks together which then created another form – and hopefully that was the desired form.

If something wasn’t to your liking – you just took the lego blocks apart and tried a different approach.

Each part of the whole contains the information of the the whole. 

In healing if you want to heal you need to understand and accept that you are like a lego creation and constantly exchanging building blocks out of your physical structure. Old cells are replaced with new cells building up a new (hopefully better) you which contain the information of the whole. This process is ongoing and never stands still.

The Body – Mind Connection exists

Your physical body is easy to proof since everyone has one…smile


You can sense your body. Pain is a very strong reminder that we can sense; e.g. you will notice a hit, stab, cut immediate. That pain is an attention accelerator; as a result it protects you from further damage and when pain is still there after moving out of the danger zone it amplifies healing. When you cut yourself the first responds is a tied hold on the cut. If we would continue to hold the area firmly within 20mins the wound would have closed – of course: a healthy body provided.

The mental body – called mind is different then your physical body.


It is very difficult to stay calm in e.g. in a meditative state when someone pokes you with a needle. 

Your emotional body is also not your mental nor your physical body. 

SEXY Proof:

(Material from Suzanne B. Friedman)

Just imagine for a moment…you are sitting in class and the speaker is educating about the body-mind-connection. You are completely bored and are watching at your watch dreaming about the party you are planning on going to with your friends tonight.

After a short break the teaching takes a complete different route. The speaker pulls out a pornographic imagine and begins to read a story out of it. The story is very detailed and hot.

Suddenly everyone is attentive in their own way. Some might squirm in their seats, some faces might flash or turn white, some might be irritated or try to hide, some might enjoy and cheering the story, other might even want to leave.

At the end of the story the speaker points out that he/she didn’t do anything to the students except using his/her voice = sound in form of words stimulating the mind. People began to move, temperature changes within the body happened, facial expression changed, heart beats began to rise. 

Even if the speaker wouldn’t be there reading the story, but instead play a recording of the story, the reactions would be still the same.

Btw: Lie detectors are build on this fact. A polygraph measures the physiological respond to questions that elicit emotional reactions.

Much love and light

Simone Claridge

PS: We do not want to dissect each cell we need to understand each part of the whole and how they communicate with each other. Is there a break in information flow? Has the software program a error somewhere not allowing the flow going in the right direction?

PSS: As a result you have accumulation that blocked the natural flow of energy and information and causes imbalances like a mighty river flow can be changed by the amount of water running through or a dam –


For The BRAVE – If You DARE…

 Stop thinking in terms of disease.

Think of blockages that need to be balanced.

Jumpstart your healing.

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Simone Claridge

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I love to discover, test and experiment all about natural healing and longevity. Due to several personal immediate healing experiences and healing challenges I was drawn to learn how to get back into those states of indescribable bliss and ease consciously. - Teaching Degree Biology and Chemistry (Germany) - Master of Medical Qigong (MMQ) - Zhineng Qigong Healer and Teacher

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