To all my friends who want to live a quality life healthy, wealthy, happy and want to play big

Click here and Jumpstart your healing experience 2017

Happy New Year 2017!

This is YOUR Year.


For sure – it is mine.

Enjoy this “First-of-the-year-present” – Ready for  your Health-Jumpstart?

Are you tired of not healing?

After you went the medical route in detail you feel trapped? In order to heal from your chronic condition the Doctors offered

  • some more drugs, more chemistry in form of medications,
  • some other chemical cocktails that burn the inner lining of your throat and guts right away
  • some antibiotics for your not stopping cough or fatigue
  • some surgery, cutting away what is “causing” you not feeling well.
  • some vaccines for prevention.


Good for you. Enjoy the Jumpstart now.

After you explored the allopathic world you may have plunged into the world of natural treatment methods such as chiropractic, natural holistic health methods, acupuncture, massages, and you probably learned to change the way you eat. You probably have tried some dietary changes e.g. more veggies, gluten free, vegan or raw food, and you tried to substitute imbalances with natural supplements, Superfoods or some all promising herbs or spice. Now you are getting somewhere and still – you are not happy with the results.

Than you realized that your mind has a huge impact on your health. Opportunities to learn mediation, yoga and the like popping up like mushrooms after a warm spring rain. Still a bit to go to get rid of this foggy brain and tiredness, including this nagging pain in your stiff joints or lower back. Your eyesight is also getting worse. You are not okay to blame it on the age. You want MORE.

You want something that works and heals you from head to toe – once and for all.

Get involved in your healing and begin today. You ARE the solution.



Stop treating and patching.

What to do? Where to start?

You need a plan. A Signature Blue Print Plan, where you can map out and work it step by step.

Often people have all the tools for healing but do not know the sequence how to use them for optimal effect.

Take the first step now.
Click here and take your First Secret Step

Second Secret Step…DO IT!


Love and Light


Simone Claridge

Author Simone Claridge

I love to discover, test and experiment all about natural healing and longevity. Due to several personal immediate healing experiences and healing challenges I was drawn to learn how to get back into those states of indescribable bliss and ease consciously. - Teaching Degree Biology and Chemistry (Germany) - Master of Medical Qigong (MMQ) - Zhineng Qigong Healer and Teacher

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