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It’s All About Consciousness . . .

Awakening Pure Consciousness – Learn How To Connect With It Consciously So That You Can Create A New Life – A Life That You Really Want.

Daily we are bombarded with a flood of information coming from the outside which are received by our consciousness. These information can roll like tidal waves over our minds building a lot of movement, pressure, and conflicts in our mind. As a result our emotions and our physical body will respond to the perceived information sent through the nervous system causing disharmony.

Also stored information e.g. from our upbringing, from past stresses or traumatic incidences can stir up emotions causing anxiety, worries, fear, anger, or overwhelming feelings of e.g. insignificance, unworthiness, nervousness, restrictions or tensions in a person’s life. If a person can’t correct e.g. disharmonious and stressful thoughts, believes, memories, unhealthy habits physical symptoms can manifest as a result.

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A New Life Science . . .

The practice of awakening pure consciousness or awakening the True Master Within – called Mingjue – is based on the consciousness theory of Zhineng (pronounced: zzz neng) Qigong (pronounced: chee gong) Science by Dr. Pang Ming and is part of a complete Qigong System.

Pure consciousness can create a strong connection into the body’s inner space allowing qi (life force energy) to flow freely breaking though blockages improving the physical body’s functions naturally. 

This unique qigong form does not only offer a path to improve one’s health, but also all aspect of human life. It can liberate from own limitations, fixations, attachments, and social conditioning to rediscover a higher state of consciousness and freedom.

All areas of your personal life are influenced and begin to soften and stabilizes including even difficult relationships that have been causing a lot of stress and pain before. Other people’s perspective can be more respected despite different opinions.

Core Practice


The creation of a powerful consciousness qi field by Dr. Pang Ming is different from the word ‘field’ as used in modern science; yet it includes the explanations of physics.

To create a qi field, a practitioner uses a clear conscious mind to unite their own body qi with natural qi, with qi of people and objects into a certain place and than  fills that space with that hunyuan entirety. This is called creating a qi field.

The Zhineng Qigong qi field can be used for teaching qigong and teaching in general, providing treatment, giving lectures, scientific research, etc.

The strength of a qi field depends on:

  • strength
  • density
  • quality
  • how well things -especially people- merge and transform with it
  • on the practitioner creating it

If the intension to create the qi field is not very strong by the practitioner, or the practitioner’s abilities are not strong and focused the information send by the practitioner is less effective.

Therefore…a strong conscious observer is needed. I personally support “The World Consciousness Community” with Master Wei’s practice called: MINGJUE

Mingjue …


“Ming” means clear
“Jue” means observer or awareness or True Inner Master
(translated from Chinese)

Mingjue practice is a way to awake our true-self and realize the source of your consciousness. That has nothing to do with religions. The true-self Mingjue is the master of all life activity and the pure human essence and Mingjue can merge and transform qi (life force energy) of the body as well as the qi of the universe forming an awakening entirety.

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Meet Simone

Hi, this is Simone...

and I know how to recover from physical, emotional, sexual abuse as well as chronic fatigue, brain fog, puffiness caused by inflammation, and other physical ailments using natural and energetic medicine techniques.

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What Other People Say About Simone’s Work

However the real shift came as I was driving home. As I was driving I had a sudden insight that, in a specific way, I had been carrying a great and unnecessary burden in my life and that it was alright to put that down and that the current phase of my life could (and should) legitimately be about tending to my inner spiritual life in new way.

Alex Aris - son of 1991 Nobel Peace Price winner - Aung San Suu KyiPortland, OR

Simone is a precise listener who bears the gift of intuitive attention to details. She presses
deeper into the root of the situation while showing empathy and the art of patience.
Her passion for this work shines through her efforts and ability welcome all challenges and to link the challenges for a common resolution. Most importantly, I am comforted by her offer to walk through my healing journey with me and by here desire to make herself available in times of an emergency or confusion.

Shera Riverah

Simone has been a real asset in my daily life. Due to a family tragedy her therapy work has helped me cope this past year without medication. It is very liberating to take control of ailments with the power of your own mind and body. Having her positive energy in my life has impacted me so greatly I can't imagine what I did before her.

Brandy ShropePortland, OR

Herzlichen Dank fuer deine Unterstuetzung und Hilfe auf dem Weg zu mir. Deine Behandlungen haben diesen Prozess hervorragend in Gang gesetzt und angeregt.

Thank you very much for your support and help on my path to my Self. Your sessions have been phenomenal starting and improving this process.

Jana GentzschelLeipzig, Saxonia, Germany

Ich bin heute 66 Jahre alt und als Kind missbraucht worden. Ich habe dieses Trauma bis dahin nicht aufarbeiten koennen. Nach der 3. Behandlungen konnte ich bereits und endlich mit dem Trauma umgehen. Nun ist mir egal, was damals passiert ist.

Today I am 66 years old and I have been sexual abused as a child. I never really could overcome this trauma. After the third session I could handle this trauma for the first time in my life. Now it doesn’t bother me anymore.

Monika S.Krostitz, Saxonia, Germany

I was dealing with stress, weight gain and low energy and decided it was time to do something about it.

I met with Simone and received an Iris Analysis and was amazed at how many things she was able to identify that I was going through just by looking at pictures of my eyes.

I reviewed my Iris Analysis and a consultation and received was given a recommendation for several herbs that would help me. I ordered them and I am on my way to healing my symptoms. I lost 14 pounds in 3 weeks and I have more energy!

Amber ThomasVancouver, WA

“Simone has been very wonderful to work with, she is someone who genuinely cares about you and your well being. I love her passion, positivity and calm approach to the way she approaches healing. I felt so comfortable with Simone, she provided thorough insight into my condition and her suggestions really helped me stay calm and rational. I’ve learnt so much from this lady who helped me through challenging times with her unconditional love and focus on energy as a means of healing. I would highly recommend working with her!”

K. Parekh, 29United Kingdom

Information to understanding: My Taking-In process is usually under 24 hours for me. Everything clicked; and I practiced the shifting phrases. Exactly when known sensations were felt. Felt incredibly peaceful and serene in doing so. I'm used to being 'energy' and not a corporal body. So, feeling EVERYTHING has been high priority. Thank you. That is BIG. And so helpful before seeing 800 high school choir students and their nervous director's sharing ART. LOVE.

Georgina Ph.Vancouver, WA