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WELCOME! Simone Here - Dream Life Designer

What would you do if you knew you could
re-charge your vital life battery over and over again?

Sounds like a real stretch?

Right now you might experience:

not enough energy




foggy cluttered mind

not being able to keep up with life

We are all born to life big. We are not here to suffer. 

If you do…You are not living your potential, your function, your dream.

I did it! I found my way… in my difference I found ONENESS and freedom.

Stuck is boring. Let’s play and move it!

Any Change Begins With An Opening  

Explore Three Possible Doors To Get Unstuck!

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Unstuck Your Mind  

Set For Success With 5 D’s 

Electrify With Food

Vitality Diet & Weight Balance

Unstuck Your Moves

Get into a Flow-Like State

Why do you need your body to be healthy, strong, vital, fit, responsive when you want to dream and live big?

Great question. Allow me to ask you some other questions.

  • Are you sure what you experience now is what life holds for you?
  • Are you feeling happy or comfortable?
  • Are you feeling fulfilled every second of your life?
  • Are you thriving with power or are you pushing forcefully?

What when life throws a curve ball? Something seemingly unexpected?

Wouldn’t you like to be responsive instead of being reactive?

We have learnt to get lost in unnecessary things that doesn’t prepare us for such events, situations, feelings…

If you cause your life to be happy, healthy, abundant than specific activities, thoughts, skills are required to get those results.

Nobody can do it for you. But the rewards are YOURS 100%.

 feeling lighter (this includes the loss of unnecessary body weight or gain of structure and muscle mass), clearer, more flexible, more energized, more uplifted and more motivated. Simply much better.

It’s not hard work every step of the way. Often you only need to ignite an opening for vitality to flow. Can you sit back and witness the changes to unfold?

Like in my case below staying strong and clear…Check this out below.


The morning of August, 16th, 2015. I woke up with this swollen face…that wasn’t looking promising. But…I knew what was going on and could stay cool.

After only 6 days

The swelling went down without ever seeing a doctor by applying the right steps. When we create the environment for the body to heal…it will. (Important Note: I’m encouraging you to take full responsibility for your health. Include the support and advise of your health care provider or medical doctor.)

You still might wonder: “How could you stay calm not freaking out”

Find out more about this non-invasive tool nature provides. CLICK HERE.

What Other People Say About Simone’s Work

However the real shift came as I was driving home. As I was driving I had a sudden insight that, in a specific way, I had been carrying a great and unnecessary burden in my life and that it was alright to put that down and that the current phase of my life could (and should) legitimately be about tending to my inner spiritual life in new way.

Alex ArisPortland, OR - son of 1991 Nobel Peace Price winner - Aung San Suu Kyi

Simone has been a real asset in my daily life. Due to a family tragedy her therapy work has helped me cope this past year without medication. It is very liberating to take control of ailments with the power of your own mind and body. Having her positive energy in my life has impacted me so greatly I can't imagine what I did before her.

Brandy ShropePortland, OR

Herzlichen Dank fuer deine Unterstuetzung und Hilfe auf dem Weg zu mir. Deine Behandlungen haben diesen Prozess hervorragend in Gang gesetzt und angeregt.

Thank you very much for your support and help on my path to my Self. Your sessions have been phenomenal starting and improving this process.

Jana GentzschelLeipzig, Sachsen Germany

Ich bin heute 66 Jahre alt und als Kind missbraucht worden. Ich habe dieses Trauma bis dahin nicht aufarbeiten koennen. Nach der 3. Behandlungen konnte ich bereits und endlich mit dem Trauma umgehen. Nun ist mir egal, was damals passiert ist.

Today I am 66 years old and I have been sexual abused as a child. I never really could overcome this trauma. After the third session I could handle this trauma for the first time in my life. Now it doesn’t bother me anymore.

Monika S.Krostitz, Sachsen, Germany

I was dealing with stress, weight gain and low energy and decided it was time to do something about it.

I met with Simone and received an Iris Analysis and was amazed at how many things she was able to identify that I was going through just by looking at pictures of my eyes.

I reviewed my Iris Analysis and a consultation and received was given a recommendation for several herbs that would help me. I ordered them and I am on my way to healing my symptoms. I lost 14 pounds in 3 weeks and I have more energy!

Amber ThomasVancouver, WA

CLICK! Information to understanding: My Taking-In process is usually under 24 hours for me. Everything clicked; and I practiced the shifting phrases. Exactly when known sensations were felt. Felt incredibly peaceful and serene in doing so. I'm used to being 'energy' and not a corporal body. So, feeling EVERYTHING has been high priority. Thank you. That is BIG. And so helpful before seeing 800 high school choir students and their nervous director's sharing ART. LOVE.

Georgina Ph.Vancouver, WA

“Simone has been very wonderful to work with, she is someone who genuinely cares about you and your well being. I love her passion, positivity and calm approach to the way she approaches healing. I felt so comfortable with Simone, she provided thorough insight into my condition and her suggestions really helped me stay calm and rational. I’ve learnt so much from this lady who helped me through challenging times with her unconditional love and focus on energy as a means of healing. I would highly recommend working with her!”

K. Parekh, 29United Kingdom